Uptown Story Vol.5 by Nate G

I don’t know if you were fortunate enough to see Nate G’s @nategski residency he did at Shopkeepers last summer, but if you were there you could feel the nostalgia jumping off the walls for the month that the Uptown Story Vol.4 on Showcase.

Nate G makes comic book characters of our most talented artist in DC and gives them personas that match his perception and perspective of the artist. His character in specific “CAPN UPTOWN” summons us his artist friends to fight together for greater causes like NORFEAST gangstas and yuppie gentrifying.

The latest issue Uptown Story Vol.5 introduces two new characters @mapsglover and @hipsterswoods. The comic starts with a set scene from the old Trashpass HQ on Rhode Island ave, which is where Maps and Woods naturally spent most of their time. As the characters get introduced, Maps is depicted as zen, wise and empathetic and dj hipsterwoods character is more of the high energy, literally hot head and hot handed counterpart.

The underlying political message is to slow down gentrification before it gets as severe as building on National Parks. Can Capn Uptown @mapsglover and @hipsterwoods .

All Rights Reserved to GNESS @nategski
All Rights Reserved to GNESS @nategski
All Rights Reserved to GNESS @nategski

I created a special mix to commemorate Capn Uptown, only available on trashpass.co

DJ hipsterwoods
Nate G instrumentals mix by DJ hipsterwoods