Trashpass “Tell All” EP 1

In this excerpt I will use Artist names or no names in order not to incriminate myself. I’d rather not be sued for defamation or character even though these people suck.


2018 was the year when toxic energy reached all of the country. My life was no exception.

I ended relationships I had for years. Relationships ended themselves organically. I’m feel lucky that I still have 2-3 awesome people still in my circle.

My favorite artist of all time is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Random I know. But the reason why he is my favorite because you know he’s raw and you know he tells the truth no matter who is offended. In a new world of deception created by men (not women), we have a entire generation who’d rather be lied to in order to receive the recognition that they assumed to be deserved.

The Tell All

Why did I leave the TrashPass “physical space” ?

I left the TrashPass because graffitiBOY was a slob and a drug addict. His vice was heroine, his family was well off and paid his bills.

graffitiBOY and I were friends before his addiction became to much for me. I used to call his mom and give her updates on his health. I used to make sure he had normal friends and get him shows with me DJ’n. I gave him so many uplifting words. I always knew he was very smart and a good person. He still is a good person. The question is, can you be a good person and a addict? One experience that really turned the tide on this relationship was when money was involved. From January to March of 2018 I was unemployed, I was hustling and DJ’n to get the little  bit of money I did have. One day I booked us a show that paid $300 for 2 hours to DJ.

I said “we could use the money for the utility bill” so let’s go do this show. So a hour before the show graffitiBOY shoots up, takes a heroine nap on the way to the show. We do the show, I hand him $150 and he flips out saying “we used his equipment“ so he gets more money. He ended up with $220 and I had $80 and he didn’t even DJ the entire time. When we get home I call his mom disgusted and she tells me she just gave him $500 earlier that day and of course we all knew it was for his addiction. In one day he had $720 in hand, he didn’t put any of it towards the bills we were behind on. (This happened in March 2018, we never had a meaningful conversation after that moment )

I will always be grateful for his mom because she co-signed the lease to even make that space possible but she did prove later that she herself was not OK dealing with the reality of the situation. Constant denial and it all ended with this conversation.

TEXT MESSAGES – September 2018

This was a sad day. He got attacked coming out of the Trashpass by another person who needs help.

The history of me and Solar Sun will be the next EP. Stay tuned