Saint Golder, Bunny Mast and DJ hipsterwoods – New Humans at Dwell DC

A couple weeks ago Saint Golder hit DJ hipsterwoods up about doing a visual audio performance at the Trashpass. The Trashpass HQ no longer exist but the idea was pretty good. So Saint Golder contacted the fine people at @dwelldc which is the hottest DYI space post Trashpass/Uptown Art House.

Saint Golder said quote “hipsterwoods I want you to be apart of this show because you actually play weird alternative music in your DJ sets”.

After the date was set, DJ hipsterwoods pulled in his good buddy @bunny.mast . Bunny and Woods did a show together in NYC on the 12th of January 2019 . The show was a major success. Bunny’s film “Dodging Bunnies” is a eclectic indie film with daunting clips and esoteric music.

So Woods and Saint Golder decided it would be a great idea to add Bunny to the bill.

Special thanks to Hannah from Dwell and Saint Golder for putting this show together.

Music starts at 7pm, visuals start at 8pm. Dodging Bunnies screen begins at 10pm