Every day I wake up and go to my government fuckin job, I’m wishing I was somewhere making music. Fuckin punk shit yo. I didn’t even know what punk was until I moved to LA for a couple months last year. I fucking love ho99o9, I fucking love show me the body, I fucking love jpeg mafia. I sent all of them messages before, they all responded except ho99or but ho99or responds when my girl hits them up.

It doesn’t seem like yall wanna fuck with me so I guess ima have to make my way violently into your space. Not actual violence, violently moving yall out of my way so I can be heard and felt.

This my warning shot. My frequencies too fucking much not to be celebrated in the small punk community in the United States. Fuck with me. I’m coming shout out to my god @sir_eu for the verse. You the GOAT of the city in my eyes and a lot of other people. It was at the top of my to do list to work with you.