This will be DJ hipsterwoods’ 2nd appearance in Flowers Fashion Show by designer @WizzolX . Although WizzolX says this will be last “flowers” Woods is hoping to continue to work with the Flowers designer in the future.


In March of 2017, Dj hipsterwoods relocated to Downtown Los Angeles where he would eventually meet designer WizzolX at his first west coast pop up store. The story is a very millennial “lets do business” situation. DJ hipsterwoods had been living in LA for almost two weeks and was on the look out for DJ gigs in LA. Woods was a avid follower and fanboy of WizzolX’s work and saw on Instagram that he was in fact coming to LA to open a store.

All I knew was he from DC, I’m from DC, and we need to link up in LA

DJ hipsterwoods

Dj hipsterwoods sent WizzolX a message on Instagram; Message follows

After the date was confirmed

The pop up was very successful. WizzolX sold most of his garments at the pop up and a lot of DC natives who moved to Los Angeles came out to show support for the designer.

During the pop up a couple of people inquired about the DJ and the music being played even though the music set up was not the most professional. DJ hipsterwoods had one speaker he bought from the Chinese flea market in DTLA, a aux cord and a Lenovo computer with a trial version of Virtual DJ.

A photo taken during the event

After the pop up Woods and WizzolX obviously kept in touch. They’ve worked together on 5 of WizzolX’s fashions shows including a NYFW week showing.

WizzolX NYFW 2017. Photo by DJ hipsterwoods
DJ hipsterwoods NYFW 2018. Photo by WizzolX


This was a amazing show put on in a DC showing. The garments really set the standards for high fashion outerwear in DC. It’s a certain way people from DC wear they’re coats and jackets.

Off the shoulders, and find your pose, don’t let your jacket fall. Be graceful.

DJ hipsterwoods

The pose was found in August 2018.


I feel like I could have been a lot better and I know I will. Last year I had a couple mental obstacles really clouding my creativity as far a my music selection. Firstly I having trouble setting up the audio equipment. I took about 2 hours and a lot of energy to configure my computer with the sound equipment we had. Also my Dj controller didn’t work with the equipment so that really stressed me out. Then I spent about 30-45 minutes helping with the stage design. All in all there was limited time for me to get my mind right and practice with the sound and get my feet wet with my music.

Every time I would try to mix I would just play things I’ve already captured in other moments of time. The thing about DJ’n is, “lightning only strikes once” . If you play something and it captured one crowd, it’s because of the timing, setting, energy and personalities that are present. At least for me, Flowers 2k18 was a lesson that I shouldn’t repeat a certain mix of tracks because it worked. Instead I should create the energy right on the spot.

This year I’m hoping to have a little more control of the things that need to get done so that I can curate a fun and elusive atmosphere. We are really looking to create something that will make you say “wow , wtf just happened.

PS – Woods